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MHG's Legacy

Established in 1939 by British entrepreneur Mr. Robeir Khoury, the Egyptian Carton Paper Factory, situated in the Maadi Cement Tora area, initially produced multi-layered thick cartons with a daily capacity of one ton.

In 1984,

the factory underwent a change in ownership as Mr. Kishan Chand, an Indian national, took charge. Chand implemented significant upgrades, introducing a semi-automatic German production line that boosted daily production to five tons.


By 2003

Ownership shifted to Egyptian national Eng. Maher Hosny Farid, who, recognizing the growing demand for premium cardboard products, implemented a strategic plan to enhance domestic manufacturing. This initiative successfully increased daily carton production to twelve tons, catering to diverse market segments.

In 2008

responding to market dynamics, the factory ventured into paper production after an extensive market study. The addition of a paper production line, featuring sought-after products like Fluting, Testliner, Kraft, and Manila, was completed in 2013, marking a significant milestone.

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Cardboard Sheets

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١٣ فؤاد عبدالله, Tora Al Asmant, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11728


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