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Cardboard Sheets

Who We Are

Within Maher Hosny Group, we proudly house two crucial entities – The Egyptian Carton Factory and El Fady for Trading, each playing a distinctive role in our enterprise.

The Egyptian Carton Factory

Our flagship operation goes beyond mere production capabilities; it's dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. With dual production lines crafting various cardboard and paper types, we strategically meet the unique demands of our clients. From diverse cardboard types in the first line to an array of paper types like Kraft, Whitetop, and Fluting Paper in the second, we tailor our offerings in roll jumbo or sheets to align with specific customer requests.

El Fady for Trading

Within the paper industry, El Fady for Trading stands as a dynamic force offering a comprehensive range of paper types. From specialty to standard, we provide solutions tailored to customer requests. Our promise extends beyond variety – leveraging our high economy of scale, we ensure the most competitive prices in the market. As a dedicated retailer, our aim is to provide flexible, customer-centric solutions aligning with the unique needs of our clients

Paper Texture
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This commitment emphasizes Maher Hosny Group's dedication to meeting customers' needs. Whether crafted by The Egyptian Carton Factory or sourced through El Fady for Trading, we ensure that every customer requirement is not only met but exceeded.


Our History

The Egyptian Carton Factory boasts a rich history, dating back to its establishment in 1939 by British entrepreneur Mr. Robeir Khoury in the Maadi Cement Tora area. Initially focusing on multi-layered thick carton production with a daily capacity of 1 ton, the factory underwent a pivotal transition in 1984 under the leadership of Mr. Kishan Chand. Significant upgrades, including a semi-automatic German production line, increased daily production to 5 tons.

In 2003, ownership transitioned to Egyptian national Mr. Maher Hosny, recognizing the demand for premium cardboard products. His strategic leadership transformed the factory, achieving a daily carton production of 12 tons by 2008, responding to market dynamics with a venture into paper production. The completion of a paper production line in 2013 marked a significant milestone, featuring sought-after products like Fluting, Testliner, Whitetop, Kraft, and Manila Paper.

At the Egyptian Carton Factory, we blend quality with integrity, ensuring each product adheres to the highest standards. Join us on this journey of excellence as we remain committed to innovation and leadership in the realm of packaging and paper manufacturing.

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